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In the distant past, Tim Stevens was an Editor at Comics Nexus. Now he freelances for Marvel.com, here, and other things here and there. He's also a therapist, which is cool. He's married and has kids and stuff too, but I suppose you don't need to know about that.

Doubling and Doubling: The Joys of the Dark Mirrors

I love a good doppelganger. Or a bad one, more accurately, I suppose. Think about nearly any hero and I bet they have a dark double....

The Shocker Appreciation Society

I love the Shocker. No, no, no. I didn’t mean that Shocker. Get your mind out of the gutter. For shame all of you, for...

I Still Miss Wally West

I am a bit of late bloomer, comic book-wise. While most fans have a dead spot in their comic collecting/following/reading, their mid to late...

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Looking For Writers!

Over the last 6 months, Nation of Nerds has begun to grow quite a bit. We have expanded our review program to DC Comics,...

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On the Road to Doomsday Clock with Geoff Johns

So what exactly is going on here? Being a story that writer Geoff Johns says is unlike any story he’s ever written, Doomsday Clock is...

Reborn Vol.1 Review

  What’s it all about? *Spoilers Ahead* Widowed, retired schoolteacher Bonnie mourns the murder of her husband Harry by the Minneapolis sniper/serial killer as well as the...